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Louise Hay Official HYL® Workshops, Conferences, Events

If you are considering to give a wonderful transformation to your life, a 180 degrees turn or continue your growth path, you have reached the perfect place. Whether you are facing some health challenge, or lack of creativity, or poor finances, or any situation which makes you feel stuck, relax, you have already initiated the journey to become more of your own potential by simply being curious about taking one of my workshops.


25.2. Setting Healthy Boundaries

Helsinki, Finland

Setting boundaries is an act of self-love and self-respect. Healthy Boundaries are necessary.

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2.3. The Journey Begins...Let's Really Make It Happen!

Helsinki, Finland

A free seminar to explore the different ways to really make it happen 

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22.4. You Can Heal Your Life Intensive Workshop

Espoo, Finland

Welcome to experience a powerful, loving, caring time with a very important person in your life: you!

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Workshops facts

  • Your teacher - Karla Peronio - has wide international experience and is the only HYL teacher in Finland who joined Louise Hay on her last retreat, receiving direct teachings and also wonderful guidance from Cheryl Richardson. She is an advanced EFT Practitioner, certified in UK by Karl Dawson, founding master of EFT and creator of Matrix Reimpriminting using EFT. She has been coached in private by Barbara Carrellas.

  • Seat availability is limited. The groups are kept to a comfortable small size in order to have a more personal and powerful experience

  • This is a intensive and caring time with yourself, be prepared to work at least 9 hours each day.

  • All materials are included as well as a follow-up session, in most of our programs, there are free gifts and surprises

  • Special workshops and lectures can be planned for private groups or corporations with the focus that is required by the group or organization. Contact for more information

  • There are different modalities to deliver the teachings and practical techniques. If you don't find a workshop that suits your needs, contact us! There are 5 & 10-week study groups, half & one day workshops, 3 hour workshop, conferences and lectures or tailored events.

  • The only requirement to join is to have a sincere and genuine desire to change, to be open and be willing.

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