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Attendance and Cancellation Policy


Thank you for your interest in this unforgettable experience! I deeply appreciate if you read the following points which are important for the comittment to participate.


When you register you agree to these simple points and with the investment details.


Attendants to this life-changing workshop comit and agree to the following:


  The intensive workshop is approximately 20 hours distributed in two days, typically from 09.00hrs to 19.00hrs or as agreed with the group. 


o It is extremely important to join continously at the agreed times, this is a time and space dedicated to you and to your growth!

Avoid having any other event during this weekend, most particularly during the workshop schedule and saturday night. 


o It is not possible to join or leave at different schedule. This is for your own benefit and that of the participants. Feel free to contact me for further clarification!



  Day 1 (Saturday) is a requirement for Day 2 (Sunday) 

o In case of not arriving on time or not finalize Day 1, the remaining part of the workshop is cancelled. Always let me know your situation!


  Door close sharp at 09.30hrs. We are very grateful in advance for your punctuality!



I understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned, in case of cancellations, take the following considerations: 

  If for some reason you cannot longer participate but you have someone else to replace you, then there is no recovery/cancellation fee.

o You will need to agree with the person who will come in your place about your investment.


  A recovery fee (135,000 KRW) for administrative expenses is collected if the attendance is cancelled (and not re-scheduled or no replacement found) 15 days before the event (September 4, 2015)


  There are no reimbursements for any cancellation made 7 days before the event (September 11, 2015): investment to be paid in full (100%).


♥  You can also postpone your participation to the next workshop once

o Imporant: Workshops in South Korea are given every 10-12 months, if you choose to postpone you are subject to the availability of the days on which the workshop is planned. If there is a difference on the investment amount, it needs to be balanced.



♥  In case of own sickness, the participation can be re-scheduled for the next available workshop with no additional fee or penalty, a Doctor’s certificate is needed.


o In these cases I really encourage you to re-schedule: your body and mind are telling you something important and that is time to work with. Sometimes dis-ease is simply a resistance to change or a fear reaction. Breath, relax and keep going: you ARE safe!


o If you really don't wish to re-schedule, then cancellation policy applies. 



If you have any question or concern, please contact me, or via            MyMagicalLife...  I'd be very happy to help you out!



Thank you!



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