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HYL® Intensive Weekend Workshop Terms



Enrollment process starts by filling in the registration form. Read the following information carefully prior to filling in the form! :)


 After you enroll, you will receive an automatic confirmation via email with your enrollment details.


 Approximately 2-3 days later, you will receive a welcome message via email, payment instructions and receipt.Attendees to this intensive 2.5 workshop agree to the following:


 The intensive workshop runs for over 20 hours distributed over 2.5 days. The first day's session runs in the evening from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, the following two full day sessions run from 9:00am to 7:00pm.


o It is most convenient FOR YOU that you follow the proposed schedule and that you join continuously the workshop. Remember, this is a time and space dedicated to you and to your growth!


o Avoid having any other event during this weekend, mostly during the workshop schedule and on Friday and Saturday night. You want to be relaxed, fresh, rested and energetic!


o It is not possible to skip a day, however if you have schedule constraints, don't let this put you off, contact us and we can give a better guidance based on your case.


 Day 2 (Saturday) is a requirement for Day 3 (Sunday)


o In case of missing Day 2, the remaining part of the workshop is cancelled with no reimbursement. Always let us know your situation!


 We are very grateful in advance for your punctuality! Door closes sharp at 6:15pm (on Fri) and 9:30am (on sat & Sun).




We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned, if you wish to cancel your attendance, our policy is as follows:


 If for some reason you cannot longer participate but you have someone else to replace you, there is no cancellation fee.

o You are responsible for any arrangements between you and your replacement regarding your investment.

 In case of personal sickness, the participation can be re-scheduled or postponed for the next available workshop with no additional fee or penalty, a Doctor’s certificate is needed and the investment needs to be done in full.


o In these cases we really encourage you to re-schedule: your body and mind are telling you something important and that is time to work with.


o Sometimes dis-ease is simply a resistance to change or a fear reaction. Breath, relax and keep going: you ARE safe!o If you really don't wish to re-schedule, then cancellation policy applies.


 A recovery quota (180AUD) for administrative expenses is kept if the participation is cancelled (and no re-scheduled) 15-6 days before the event. (Fri 25.3. - Sat 2.3.)


 There are no reimbursements for any cancellation made 5 days before the event (Sun 3.3.): investment to be paid in full (100%).


 Important: This intensive 2.5 workshop in Australia is given every 12 months, if you choose to postpone you are subject to the availability of the days on which the workshop is planned as well as the place. If there is a difference on the investment amount, it needs to be balanced. 




 Super early bird discounts or bonuses need to be paid in full prior to the expiry date of the promotion or as stated in your receipt:o Super Early Bird discount (349 AUD) latest by 5.3.


 Early bird discount and other promotions can be booked with 50% of the investment prior to expiry date and the rest to be finalized prior to the workshop or as indicated in your receipt.o Early Bird discount latest (374 AUD) by 19.3.o Spring Special offer (discount for 2 people) as long as there is availability (3 couples)


 Normal investment can also be done in a 2-month installment. Contact us for more information.


Are you ready to truly transform your life?




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