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♥  "I joined the boundaries workshop because of a difficult divorce and thanks to the teachings of Karla I have today a more relaxed relationship with my ex and I liked "giving the benefit of the doubt", you need a lot of work and looking in the mirror, but Karla is all the time supporting you every step, you can trust her and feel at peace. She helped me to understand priorities and if I want my limits respected then I also need to do the same. Karla is a professional coach and a captivating speaker, is an investment worth to make, I recommend it very much."

-- Stephan G., Finland

♥  "Healthy boundaries, wow, what an eye opener. In a "conflict-avoidant" society as in Finland, this workshop is a must-go to avoid bad reactions. Karla is by far the most assertive person I know, I wish every Finn can attend and learn about boundaries. I learned I have a right to have boundaries and with a funny approach, and many laughing moments, Karla inspired me to take action and be more direct instead of passive aggressive. Big thanks to Karla!"

-- Ari T.., Finland

"You may have your doubts about a workshop where you are supposed to start healing yourself / you life. I know I did, but you 'll experience and witness some powerful stuff during the intensive (and also fun!) weekend! And the best thing is that you take from it what feels best for you. Karla is great and she'll guide you, and you also learn from others and they learn from  you. I strongly recommend it."

-- Mika M., Finland

"Karla, you helped me facing my inner voice which I disguised. Thank you for adding fresh energy and new flavor in my life."

-- Will Hugo,  South Korea

"Karla was an exceptional workshop leader and a gifted communicator. Her friendly and energetic personality put everyone in the group at ease and provided a supporting and safe environment where everybody was comfortable in sharing. I feel her techings have impacted my life significantly and left me with an expectation of a more fulfilling and rewarding future ahead of me."

-- Joe C., Australia


"There are no words that can justify how beneficial this workshop has been. By taking the steps to come here, I realised that I needed to change my life. I didn't realize that after the workshop I would be equipped with coping techniques, on my way to forgivness and most importantly how to love myself. Karla is gifted."

-- Michael Beresford, Finland

"Very well made workshop with useful and powerful tools to take home for daily use. I recommend!"

-- Juha, Finland

"Karla is a very authentic coach and was able to give so much input, ideas, experiences and new perspectives in these two evenings. That it was def worth the mone and time (and the waiting)"

-- Esther, Finland

"My life was stuck. A repetitive cycle of negative thoughts and behaviors that I had trouble dissolving. This workshop really touched my soul and has guided me onto the path of possibilities and happiness. This was completely worth every penny!"

-- Steff,  South Korea

"I have done many years of Louise Hay work plus others on my own. The difference I needed was being put of a gimp with a very conscious leader who opens herself and is transparent, which provides the safe and trusting space for me and standards of the group. Thank you Karla for being a great example of healing self."

-- Claudia Milena Lamy,  South Korea

"The weekend with Karla really was more than I expected. I found breakthroughs and joys and tools and new friends that wil stay with me forever. I am forever grateful"

-- Jen,  South Korea


♥ "I was skeptical and anxious to attend the workshop. However, from the moment I met Karla l felt safe in her trust which gave me courage to participate fully. The weekend, although long and intense, is an excellent HYL workshop and much more. Karla brings her own touch and gives many valuable additions to the HYL program. The small size of the workshop forms a tight support group and I look forward to enriching each others lives going forward. I have now met my inner self and I look to the path before me with excitement. Learning to love, accept, forgive and nurture myself might just be the most important thing I will ever learn."

-- Colm, Finland

♥ "Thank you, thank you, thank you! This weekend has been totally amazing and your workshop has changed so much in my beliefs. I am on the journey of my life and Im so excited to get to start working with all the things you have taught me. Keep up your amazing work, you are so important for the universe!”

-- Kalevi Lehtinen, Finland

 "If you are in Korea this is for YOU!! We all carry past hurts in us and it affects our daily lives and those around us all the time! I can truly say this was the event of the decade for me. I would have loved it coming earlier in my life and repeat it until fully healed. This is an investment worth the time and the money. Can't even compare with money what i got out of it! DO ONE GOOD THING FOR YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL THIS YEAR AND ATTEND!! Karla, this workshop and your leadership and attitude was just absolutely amazing. It came exactly at the right time, venue and with amazing people. Thank you so much!"

-- Michaela Katz Craig, South Korea


"A profound and life-changing workshop. Karla is a great facilitator and intuitively guides you all the way back to yourself!!"

-- Lisa Groom, Australia


"Truly inspiring and magical experience, left feeling loved and nurtured A worthwhile experience. Worth the investment."

-- Trina Allen, Australia


♥ "You will come out of this workshop with a lighter, brighter and more capable attitude to your life. We thoroughly covered many potential 'heavy' life topics under Karla's talented, wise and loving guidance.”

-- Marianna T., Finland


♥ "A very intense and multi-layered workshop, filled with tools to help you improve your emotional intelligence, which psychoneuroimmunology & psychoneuroendocrinology shows has a positive effect on your physical health. Dare to come and heal your life and I assure you it will be more than worth your while!

-- Jenine Simons M.D., Finland

"Opening, expansive and worth every moment spent with Karla. No matter what you are looking to change, this is the opportunity."

-- Megan K., South Korea

"No matter how much "work" you have done on yourself, you will have amazing breakthroughs at Karla's workshop. It is life-changing! No matter your age, background, place in your journey, this workshop is a beautiful, life-changing gift for yourself."

-- Amy Goalen, South Korea

"This was such an amazing workshop. It helped me to see the areas in my life that need to give more lovin' to. Such a beautiful environment, filled with support and compassion. Healing begins with ME. Thank you Karla for helping me to see that!."

-- Suzanne Harvin,  South Korea


♥ "Karla's wisdom and personable down-to-earth nature combined with compassionate non-judgemental understanding lifted our spirits and encouraged us to believe in ourselves. She created a safe and empowering environment for us to express ourselves and so much more. It was a very positive transformative experience and I would definitely recommend attending

-- Valerie Le, South Korea


♥ "I highly recommend this workshop. Karla shares her stories and the teachings with such love and convition which really resonated within me. I know I can apply them to my life to see the changes I want to see. They are already happening.”

-- Kelly O'Neill, South Korea


♥ "Thank you so much for this fantastic life-enhancing experience. I'm taking with me great tools and inspiration forward into my journey. My fellow sisters I met on this journey are a real treasure. I highly recommend this course to those seeking to know themselves more!

-- Sam Pizer, South Korea


♥ "Now I learned how to improve my life with tools Karla gave to me. It is all up to me how to cherish and use tools every day. Learning tools through workshop by practicing is different from conceptual understanding with books.

-- Soogi Kim, South Korea

"I feel so many feelings: before, during and after the workshop. Fulfillment, gratitude, compassion, happiness and so many more came up in a supportive environment. Karla gives the best and more powerful hugs which shake you but at the same time make you feel so safe, I am so grateful for participating in this workshop. Looking forward to more."

-- Sofia K., Finland

"Thank you from my heart for your enthusiasm to share with us the tools you learned to be useful in your own life Karla, for you to become richer and more fulfilled and us being more whole and aware."

-- Lisa W., Finland


♥ "A divine appointment - Karla's workshop was exactly what I needed to discover myself for the first tie, understanding who I am and how to be who I want to be. Truly transformational experience. I'll be back.”

-- Danielle R., South Korea


♥ "WOW! I recommend this workshop for anyone interested in self-growth. Come with an open mind. You don't have to have a goal in mind. Karla will help you with that. She is wonderful!”

-- Katie Fleetwood, South Korea

"I really enjoyed the workshop, it definitely helped me to begin the process of loving myself and forgiving myself and it really help'ed me to work towards a happy life."

-- Brenda Perez, South Korea

"Love your energy Karla. Thanks for presenting all topics so clear and make connections between them and me"

-- Tina, South Korea

"I've been looking forward to this workshop for what feels like my whole life. It arrived just in time and I couldn't be happier!"

-- Dana S., South Korea

 "I had the opportunity to take part in a life-changing workshop called Heal Your Life. Sounds pompous, as who would believe one workshop could truly change your life? Great words which put great expectations to them. Nevertheless: all of those words came true for me.


♥ I have found many pathways, read an awful lot of books and felt a longing for inner peace... but not before experiencing this amazing workshop have I been able to actually apply the teachings of anything to my everyday life. Everyone with a family knows how tough it is to take the time for yourself without guilt or demands. Well I learned how to implement the time given to myself into my everyday life. And the happiness that has followed is a miracle. Down-to-earth, practical and inspiring workshop, with lots of love, trust and joy [...]


Karla truly is a professional with whom you can trust and believe, a personality who gives you a tremendous hope and belief for the better just with her smile. [...]


If anyone of you who reads this want tools to heal yourself, this is it. I repeat: down-to-earth and practical, no mysteries, just tools that you can apply to your everyday life, and lots of work.

To be happy takes work - FUN and INSPIRING work.


This is so real, and I hope and send love that anyone who needs this will take the time to go to Karla's workshop.Seize the opportunity, jump on it, it is worth so much more than it promises! Karla, I send you my love and respect and gratitude. You are an angel with a message that gives hope and joy. :-) THANK YOU!"

-- Amberly Rowena Ginelle, Finland


♥ "Karla guided us in a very loving way to get ourselves closer step by step. You think  you know yourself, but there are many surprises!”

-- Britta H., Finland

♥ "Very powerful weekend. Lot of things lightened up in the mind. Empowering experiment. Most recommended.”

-- Pirjo D., Finland

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, and for letting this training be both helpful and fun, light and intense, and thank you very much for giving and open hearted place where each one of us can express him/herself. Keep shining Karla."

-- Isa, Finland

"I wasn't new to Louise Hay's work, but the course was absolutely worth it: a lot of emotions, overwhelming at times, but extremely valuable. In the every day life is not possible to go through all the things happening, this workshop gives you the insight and awareness to go through hard times with more responsibility and strenght."

-- Alessia P., Finland

 "Karla's professional and loving approach about Louise Hay's work really opens your eye regarding self-love. This workshop definetely kicked-off my journey of self-love and self-discovery, so I highly recommend it if you want to become your best self!"

-- Jamille, Finland


♥ "Workshop 'Heal Your Life' was truly amazing experience I haven't had before and I'm very grateful for being able to take part in it. Karla is such a wonderful person and trainer. It was absolutely unforgettable weekend. And I'm waiting for all the miracles to come to my life. Thank you, Karla."

-- Nastya A., Finland 


♥ "I appreciate the very spontaneous yet professional and empathic way Karla takes us both individually and as a group on the journey of self-discovery and healing."

-- Sophia E., Finland 


♥ "Karla! You are a professional! Great Knowledge, happiness, lightness! I have learned a lot![...]"

-- Andrea Qvick

 "Thank you so much of this amazing weekend, it was money well spent indeed :) I have been doing some affirmations and reading related literature already for a year or so but I realised so many new things during this weekend. In addition, it was also great how safe I felt since the beginning of the workshop! You are truly radiating good energy, light and trust, as I hope I will too later on my healing process. I really look up to you as an idol on that journey!"

-- Henriikka, Finland


♥ "Karla is a wonderful expressive workshop leader. Her energy and stories regarding own experiences are a true inspiration. She involves everybody in the process. Thank you"

-- Sven Kerremans, England


♥ "The workshop is the best present you can give yourself and others. Karla is a wonderful, warm person and excellent coach and she can really help you turn over a new leaf in your life. The rest is up to you...."

-- Katarzyna Okere, Poland


 "I am not stranger to the healing joruney but as there are always more layers to peel off. I feel that I have received some beautiful tools, had some nice insights and breakthroughs that are proppelling e forward to manifest the life I dreamed of for so long. Thank you."

-- Kawtar El Alaoui, South Korea


 "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to join the workshop. You gave such a lot of new thoughts and ways i could improve myself and feel happier. You are a very good teacher, full of knowledge, experience, compassion, empathy but at the same time you manage and can stay on the path you've chosen. I admire your personality & work."

-- Paula Allanmaa, Finland 


 "It is a wonderful experience. If you have never open yourself and deep dive in your feelings and memories, then this is a place to start. There is so much things that you can discover from yourself and others (for example your family). Sometimes, we just misunderstood ourselves and others and for that reason we are confused, but after this workshop many things you will understand and many things make sense suddenly. It is enlightening, if you let it be."

-- Helen, Finland 

 "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to start transforming my life to the positive life I want to have. You do a great job with this workshop but mostly is so obvious the work that you have done with yourself, you are awesome and I cheer you from my heart..." 

-- Pilar Melcón, Spain


♥  I have read "You can heal your life" 1.5 years ago and it affected my life quite a lot but this workshop of Karla really put me into action on these lessons of Louise. Intense 2 days but so much positive efects in so many ways into my life. Think I could have a whole new date of birth now, after having started a happier, healthier life surrounded with love.

-- Hanna Sallinen, Finland


 "Thank YOU once again for the wonderful, life-changing workshop! It really created a magical feeling that has lasted ever since. I really feel that the workshop gave me kick forward on my new path! I had always disapproved all kinds of spiritual things until in late January I happened to read a self-help book. That got me really interested. But I have to say that your workshop is the first where we really got to the point. I am so happy that the Universe brought me to your classes! Following Louise's method is now a lot easier than just having read the books."

-- Mia Spolander, Finland


♥ "Beautiful Karla, big thanks for the powerful workshop! The weekend exceeded all my expectations and I feel I have started something completely new in my life, a colorful adventure... You are very influential, insightful and energetic trainer/facilitator. All the best in your journey and we will keep in touch"

-- Sirpa Lahti, Finland


"I have come across the philosophy of Louise L. Hay long time ago however it is only after the wonderful workshop with Karla that I truly understood how make use of it in my everyday life. Thank you! I am grateful for living this experience."

-- Magda Zedkova, Czech Republic 


"Carla is an amazing teacher and coach. I loved the energy she gave to the group all with her natural ability to make everyone feel supported, safe and comfortable. I had some amazing revelations, and insights during this experience. I definitively recommend Carla."

-- Harriet Hollingworth Devon, England


♥  "Louise's books are great, but this workshop is fantastic because you can practice most of the concepts and the guidance of the teacher is invaluable, you can't get it in the books. I highly recommend this workshop, you won't regret it and you'll enjoy a wonderful experience. Thank you Karla for appearing in my life."

-- Fernando Gomez, Mexico

"This workshop really was a life changing experience that gave me so much energy and motivation to deal with even the difficult issues in my life. Karla you are such an inspiration with your warm-heart and loving and joyous approach to life. You created a safe place for us to share our feelings and thoughts. I know now that I can heal my life!​"

-- Sanna Tammi, Finland 


"What I deeply love in Karla is her free and sparkling energy. It is totally captivating and it flows you through your healing. I simply loved it."

-- Maritta A., Finland

 "I definitely recommend Karla, she is very encouraging, kind and loving leading the workshop. I have seen how she makes sure that the seeds of wisdom and growth are planted within us and we take care of the rest. Thank you for a transformational weekend!"

-- Jenny Petersen, Finland

​​♥ "Karla is an exceptional warm-hearted coach IN TRUE LOUISE HAY SPIRIT. Her inspiring workshop gave a brighter way to see the riches of my own life! The practical exercises helped me to see my rainbow of possibilities. I would love learn more and I'll definitely get on with practicing her teachings"
-- Maiju Sylwen, Finland

"Karla: you are a wonderful person filled with love. Being with you in this workshop was like being with Louise Hay herself. This was a really enjoyable experience, very positive, you are gentle, kind and very positive, with very high energy​. I recommend this workshop because it really changes your life"

-- Adriana Montero, México

"What made the workshop extra special, was our lovely coach Karla Peronio. She made us feel so safe that it was easy to just let go and take all in. It truly was magical!"

-- Menna Waris, Finand


"I am very grateful to the Universe for this opportunity of finding myself through Karla's support, her knowledge, advises, her way of giving this workshop, very natural, with a great energy and professionalism that motivates you, takes you forward and makes you listen to what you really are and what you really want and how worth are you in this Universe. Thank you Karla for everything and being part of my learning."

-- Augusto Pacheco, México 


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